Sunday, May 17, 2015

Science Fiction vs. Spiritual Fact

Science Fiction vs.
Spiritual Fact
Consciousness pilots space ship
Imagination and intention guides your out of body experiences.
Time travel
Time travel in possible out of your body and information of the future can come to you in dreams and visions. This information can be literal and symbolic.
Miraculous Healing - Vampires Wolverine etc.
Miraculous healings is possible!
Possible out of body
Empathic abilities
Levitation and flying
Possible out of body
Fire-starter - heat generating
Possible Reiki, chi, spoon bending and intention.
Continuum of Consciousness. Unity The Borg, The collective  
Collective unconscious and group consciousness in psychology AND Oneness experiences. Channeled group entities. Abraham Hicks etc.
Any being in the non physical is assumed not born on earth and some people would define that as alien. My preference is to not lump all non physicals into this category. Angels are not Aliens in my opinion.
 Beings of Light
Real in physical and non physical experiences. 

What did I miss? Please comment if you know of any other examples.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Our Purpose and Hell

Today I received 2 wonderful questions. I would like to share my answers. Please feel free to ask more questions. I will always do my best to answer any questions.

What is our purpose here in life?

The primary purpose of existence is the experience itself. So that God can experience self as other. As the primary purpose we have already succeeded and literally cannot fail in God's perspective and therefore any judgment comes from the individuated perspective. As we individuate, we ourselves get to decide what specifics we would like to experience. I was not privy to all of the "why's" to some of the ridiculous things that beings decide to experience, just that there is a free will choice involved in it all and that it all has value.

I was also wondering if you could discuss the nature of Hell. It seems so sad to me that if such a place existed, people would end up there. Is hell temporary and is it unlike what people assume. I imagine a loving God would not suffer to have his suffer for eternity.

There is a place in the non-physical realms where beings have "space" to continue any dramas they choose. Without the higher perspective I was privileged to have, I would have also called it hell, instead I call it Heaven level II (HeII). In Chapter 19"I'm Going Back In," I go into a detailed description of what I experienced there. It's not permanent but that information may not be available to the beings there. Time itself, the way we understand it, does not exist there so the question relating to time is confusing to answer. All time and Eternity seem like they are the same definition but they are not.

Monday, September 9, 2013



Face all fears, including the fear of death. In doing so all fears dissolve. When you are the source of love, all shadows disappear. Fear is an illusion. Love is True.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Padre Pio

I just finished reading my dear friend David Bennett's Voyage of Purpose: Spiritual Wisdom from Near-Death back to Life a wonderfully deep telling of his near Death Experience and amazing healing Journey which includes a miracle healing through the intercession of Padre Pio.

I highly recommend David's book and that you take every opportunity available to go see him speak in person. The book takes you on your own spiritual journey of self discovery as he reveals his journey. In person David has such an amazing sense of peace and when he speaks of the Divine Love, I could really feel that wonderful Divine love tangible enveloping all of us present with him. David's story of Padre Pio reminded me of my own miraculous visit from Padre Pio. In order to understand how amazing and potentially miraculous a visitation from Padre Pio is it will help to know who he is. Although he is no longer present in the physical there is no doubt in my heart that he is still present with us spiritually.

Padre Pio, now Saint Pius of Pietrelcina was a Catholic Priest who had the stigmata (physical wounds of Jesus) and was known for many miraculous healings and bi-location.

I had gotten a biography of Padre Pio from the library and was reading it in my bedroom and had to get up and leave the room for some reason. I set the book down on the corner of the bed but when I came back into the room the book was on the floor. I just

brushed it aside in my mind, figuring that the cat may have knocked it down, picked it up and placed it again on the bed but further from the edge. I came back to the room later and the book was on the floor again, I thought wow that weird my cat is usually very agile and didn't knock things down. This time a put the book on a solid surface and I closed the bedroom door so the cat would not go in and left for several hours.

When I got back the book was on the floor again. I just thought "what the?" and took a step toward the book intending to pick it up and as my left foot strode forward I saw a dark smudge like form to the left of an empty box and I felt a malicious intent and pressing anger. I also felt the presence of the being. The box slid quickly into my left foot mid stride pushing it in front of my right foot. I got tripped up. My whole body spun and I ended up falling on my right side. I was instantly pissed. I commanded it to leave. I started praying asking God and the angels to protect me and it occurred to me to ask Padre Pio to protect me and my house.

I did a complete spiritual cleanse of my whole house going to each corner and commanding out uninvited entities. A huge bruise developed on my right shoulder in the same exact location that I had been touched by God. I finally settled down to read the remaining chapters of the biography and that is when I learned that Padre Pio had been plagued by torturing demons that he fought with, throughout his life and he was even wounded by them.

The next day when I got back from work I smelled this most blissful euphoric ambrosia like smell just as I was entering my house. I had just read about the smell that would accompany Padre Pio in his spiritual visits and as I read that part, I had the thought that I always do when it comes to smells. I detest the smell of flowers, especially roses, because when I was a child I was attacked by a swarm of bees where I sustained 22 stings. If you think about it, it is not surprising that bees smell like flowers. I then read that instead of smelling like roses, for me and others who don't fancy the smell of roses, Padre Pio arrived with a scent that smelled more delicious than any earthly smell I had ever experienced a very sweet smell that is hard to describe.

That is precisely why I was able to identify the distinct smell when I experienced it again. Several years later I was going to a class at a local learning center and when I pulled into the parking lot I smelled that delicious smell again.

I sat for a few minutes just enjoying the smell not yet placing the smell but sensing a familiarity. A friend wondered out into the parking lot and saw me just sitting there and she asked what I was doing. I said I am smelling this wonderful smell. I got out to join her and asked her if she could smell it, she could. We joked around for a bit all the while there was this wonderful smell wafting toward us and we were trying to figure out where this awesome smell was coming from.

I noticed I was feeling a vibration like I was nervous but I wasn't. I glanced up in the sky and saw this. To me it looks like a hand pointing with a draping sleeve and at the same time it looks like a nose lips and bearded chin upper face hidden behind a hood.

While I was enjoying the smell I suddenly realized it was the very same smell that I had experienced when Padre Pio had visited me in spirit. Immediately following this sighting I went into the class on Feng Shui focusing on the healing section of a space and as an example of what to put in ones healing section the teacher had a photo of Padre Pio. During the class he told a story about one of the miracle healings Padre Pio had performed in his lifetime. At the conclusion of the class I gifted the teacher a print of this image and he now includes it in his healing lecture.

Recently I have been bothered by some very persistent malevolent energies and I have called on Padre Pio again to assist in clearing the energies and delivering them. This morning I smelled that very unique delightful heavenly scent again. Thank you so much Padre Pio, I am humbly honored and forever grateful for the blessings and protection you have bestowed on me.

Recommended Books on Padre Pio

Follow this link for a very nice prayer list to Padre Pio.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Sound of Angels

I got a chance to hear the angels once, it was in an Out of Body Experience.

First my OBE starts with meeting on the astral plane a large man he presented like a basketball player in size but I had the feeling it was my friend Dr. Al Taylor (who happened to have written a book about astral travel Soul Traveler: A Guide to Out-of-Body Experiences and the Wonders Beyond), it had that sense of familiarity but he is not that tall and not that strong. Good to know we can appear any way we would like to in the astral. I was just out flying around and then I met up with this being, this friend and he was like "oh my gosh I can't believe you are here" and he tuned into my guide and we were flying around the general Los Angeles area.

Then he took me to a place that there was a

swimming pool and we were diving in and out of the water to feel what it felt like to be astral in the water because it felt like you could still breathe under the water. It was really FUN!

And then he took me to this mall which turned

out to be the Kodak Theater before it was built. I didn't end up going to the Kodak Theater until years after it was built and then I did recognize it as the same place as this OBE.

I didn't know at the time other than it was a mall in Hollywood and I could see the Hollywood sign and there was this escalator. So I was going up this escalator and at the level up the floors were very fantastically luxurious like marble and then there was another level up of escalators and I went to go up and he said,"Oh you're not supposed to go up there" and I said, "why not? I want to see what's up there."

I go to go up the second level of escalators and instead of taking me to another level of the mall it starts to take me up to heaven. He didn't come with me on the second level of escalators.

I start going up and at the top of the escalator it starts going into nebulous non physical area and I see these beings of light and more than seeing anything, because it was kind of all white. I could hear what sounded to me like soprano vocalizations. I felt this lovely blissful feeling from the beginning of the OBE and it got even better as I listened. And I am like oh my gosh that is so beautiful such a beautiful sound and then I tried to do it, I tried to mimic the sounds because I wanted to see what that was like. So I start vocalizing and I am doing my version of whatever I think they are doing.

Then a light being comes over to me and seemed kind of like insulted and sends me the telepathic message, "We are not singing. We are talking to each other" and the vibe feels to me like it was being a little amused and patronizing not really mean because that lovely feeling was still there so maybe that's my own interpretation because I am sensitive to being corrected. I said "What!? You are talking to each other!?" Then I paused and I listened but I couldn't get past how beautiful it sounded, it never made sense to me at all as language other than the telepathic message.

So of course I have since been trying to find something similar in any kind of music and the closest thing is Steven Halpern's piece Gift of the Angels! The very high soprano that sounds is like what I heard, very high soprano in some other language or in no language at all. You can listen to a sample After you click the Gifts of Angels Image below click on Listen to samples and there will be pop up. It might not work if you have pop up blocker. The Song is also called Gifts of Angels. I also recommend Al's book he has lots of stories of OBE's and some good techniques to get you started.

Update, and perfect synchonicity, just after I posted this blog I found this other song and a some nice video clips that looked like some of what I saw also.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Trust dissolves fear


The way we dissolve fear is Trust. Trust yourself. Trust in God. Trust in the Universe. Trust in others. Trust, letting go of tension and trusting that everything will turn out alright, dissolves fear.